This is Synago.

An automatic, cloud-based synagogue app for minyan management and scheduling of services in your community.

How does Synago work?

1. Sign up

Send a standard text message through SMS to the Synago phone number of your synagogue.



Hi! Thanks for your interest in Synago. Please tell me your name and we’ll get started.

2. Commit

Tell Synago how many days a week you can spare to help with minyan.


I can spare 2 days a week for minyan.

Got it. See you next week!

3. Get notified weekly

Receive a weekly request for attendance every night after Shabbat.

Shavua tov! You’re scheduled to attend services with guaranteed minyan on Monday and Thursday. Service starts at 7.00 AM. We look forward to seeing you!


I’ll be there!

You can always cancel if you can’t make it. Synago automatically looks for replacements behind the scenes.

How does Synago do that?

1. Assess commitment

All users of Synago are asked the following question upon signup: How many days a week can you spare for helping with minyan?

Optionally, they can also opt-in for specific days of the week that suits them best.


Synago then takes a look at the total number of available days every week, as well as potentially preferred days.

2. Do magic

Synago takes this information, and tries to find days during the week where most people are able to attend a minyan.


Synago tries to bring in more information into the equation, such as chagim, yahrzeits, people’s preferred days, and other relevant information, in order to build an optimal plan for a given week of synagogue attendance.

3. Get texted a plan

Using all available information, Synago is able to build a weekly minyan plan with optimal chance of attendance for the best possible days of the week.

Synago texts all members their weekly attendance directly to their phones, every week after Shabbat ends.

If somebody can’t make it, they can always cancel, and Synago starts looking for replacements automatically.


Feature-rich and powerful.

Synago is intelligent synagogue software based on cutting-edge technology.


Reschedules silently

Balancing Jewish life, synagogue service and personal work/life balance can be a challenge in today’s world. Upon a sudden cancellation, Synago will automatically attempt to recruit other members of the community to fill in before cancelling a service on a given day.

Understands text messaging

Understands text messages

Synago does not need a web site to function. Just as Synago sends you text messages, you can send a message back. You can ask Synago about convenient things like when tonight’s synagogue service is, if there is a minyan, and what days you are scheduled to attend.

Happy Rabbi

Embraces all

Synago supports any type of congregation that exists, no matter what type, manner of observance or traditions. Even if you are using Synago in a community where you do not count in a minyan, you can still use Synago to get updates about service holidays, yahrzeits and other important community information.


Watch a short video introduction to how Synago might help your community obtain guaranteed daily minyan.

It only takes two things to become ten.

Synago is designed for planning. When you sign up for Synago, you only have to define how many days a week you can commit to attending a synagogue service, and (optionally) which days suits you best. After this, Synago takes care of the rest.

You only need two things to become ten
Device Agnostic


Synago notifies users about their required attendance through text messages (SMS), and is therefore able to coordinate with everyone, as long as they own a cellular phone – not even a smartphone.

Zero UI

Synago is designed under the notion that users prefer the tool that maximizes utility while minimizing effort. This means that after signing up, Synago will be able to plan and schedule synagogue service attendance and notify via cell phone without any further interaction needed. Every week, the user will just receive a new message about the days and at what time he is expected to show up.

Truly automatic

The details.

Check out more in-depth Synago details.

Synago in depth

If you would like to know more about the inner workings of Synago, go check that out now.

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All features

See a comprehensive list of all the major features of Synago


A word on privacy

Or actually, quite a few words. But we’ve tried to make it easily readable.

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