Synago is a work in progress, which has great potential to create a technology-based future for small Jewish communities in the diaspora. Features are constantly being developed into the pipeline which helps to enhance Synago’s capabilities. The following is a list of Synago’s current features as well as those in progress.


Eligibility support

All users of Synago can help support the local community, regardless of what type of community that is. Even if you are a non-eligible in your current community, you can still be enrolled in the system to receive benefits such as service times, yahrzeit reminders and the like

Mincha/Maariv support

Synago supports planning for multiple services per day. Not just morning services.


Yahrzeit support

The Synago planning algorithm is designed in a modular way, that allows for injection of new ways of distribution of member attendance. An important part of Jewish life is the concept of yahrzeit, the honouring of the lost, which also needs a minyan. An add-on to the scheduling algorithm means that Synago attempt to pool users towards days where an attending member is having a yahrzeit.


Synago is available in multiple languages, in order to notify users in their native language.


Silently reschedules

If a user cancels, Synago automatically reaches out and contacts other available users and asks them to help as a replacement. You don’t have to do last-minute roll calls through WhatsApp or other Minyan Apps to try and find a replacement, Synago does this automatically.

Full time zone support

The Jewish Calendar is difficult. But Synago masters it to perfection. Even if you are living at a distant area on the planet, you will still receive messages about service times that adhere to the tzmanim of your area.

Text Messaging

Opt-out, not opt-in

In all other minyan apps and services on the market, users have to actively opt-in to participate in a minyan. With Synago, it automatically assigns all users attendances that fits best in their own personal schedule. This means you have to actively opt-out instead of opting in. No more rush for Gabbaim to try and round up 10 people who wants to commit.


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