Synago can be used even by people who are not eligible for minyan. Congregations all differ in who they define as eligible for minyan. Some are egalitarian, some are not. Even so, members of a congregations who does not count towards a minyan, still attend services.

Unfortunately, the fact that they are not eligible can sometimes dissuade them from coming, because they can feel left out. Therefore, you can still be included in the Synago system, and receive updates about guaranteed and not guaranteed minyans, despite themselves not being a part of the plan.

Synago can keep track of two lanes of planning simultaneously, one for non-eligible members and one for eligible ones. The users of Synago who are not eligible, will simply not be counted in the minyan planning, but still be informed about guaranteed minyan services, service times and other relevant information.


This is Michael.

Confused Guy

Michael is converting, but is very confused about how and when services is done. Who can blame him?


Michael removes the checkmark in the box in his settings:

I am eligible for minyan

Synago does not include him in the planning, but sends text messages about when a minyan is guaranteed.



Dear Michael, shavua tov! This week, minyan is guaranteed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Services begin at 7AM. Hope to see you there! Best regards, Synago.

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