Privacy and Compliance

Synago takes your privacy seriously. Our infrastructure is governed from inside the EU, and is thus obligated to be in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

What data do we store?

Synago relies on a minimal viable data store, keeping only the exact amount of data needed, in order to allow a sensible user experience. Practially, this means that we store the following sensitive information about you:

  • Your name, first and/or last, in order for location administrators to correctly identify who are going to attend a Synagogue service. (This data is unverified. We do not check the validity of your name through any government or third-party tooling. You can call your self what you like.)
  • Your phone number, in order for Synago to send you text messages about service schedules. (Verified, meaning we ensure that the phone number is existing and in use, but not what the name of the owner is.)
GDPR Data Store
GDPR Compliance

Data processors

Your data is connected to two data processors, which needs parts of your data in order for Synago to operate, both of which are GDPR certified as such. As stated by the EU:

Where processing is to be carried out on behalf of a controller, the controller shall use only processors providing sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures in such a manner that processing will meet the requirements of this Regulation and ensure the protection of the rights of the data subject.



In order for Synago to ensure reliable text-messaging interaction, Twilio needs to access your phone number.

Twilio has a data protection core team comprised of senior members of the Legal, Data, Security, and Architecture teams, dedicated to ensuring that Twilio is GDPR-compliant.


Amazon Web Services

In order for Synago to ensure high-available and scalable data storage, your data is kept on a database cluster physically located in Ireland, running on AWS-secured databases.

AWS commits to offering services and resources to our customers to help them comply with GDPR requirements that may apply to their activities. New features are launched regularly, and AWS has 500+ features and services focused on security and compliance.

Access to your own data

All users of Synago are able to request and gain insight in to how data is being used, as well as a complete report about the historical use of such.

Users are able to download this data automatically from inside their account settings. Furthermore, a user is able to request a complete deletion of all data registered at any given time.

You can get more information and access to your own data when logged in on Synago.

Data Processor Agreements are available upon request.

GDPR Data Privacy

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